In times of greatest joys and in times of deepest sorrow Jewish tradition calls upons a candle's light to evoke the holy connection of body and soul, of the ephemeral to the Eternal. This tradition is most beautifully observed as we honor our departed loves ones. Within the home, to elevate the soul of the deceased, we kindle a modest flame during the memorial week of Shvah, to mark Yizkor on Yom Kippur and Jewish festivals, and to commemorate the Yahrzeit anniversary of bereavement. Outdoors, when visiting our loved one's resting place, we may observe the beautiful custom-- long established among Jews of Sepharadic heritage of lighting a memorial candle as a symbol of the everlasting soul. Increasingly, Jewish families of Eastern European (Ashkenazi) background are also adopting this custom. However, a candle's flame can be difficult to light in the open air. It is of limited duration, must be replaced each time the grave site is visited, and can leave an unsightly residue.

Fortunately, today there is an alternative means to honor and adorn a loved one's burial site, using the timeless energy of natural sunlight. It is The Living Candle-the Ner L'Chayim. The Living Candle is a solar memorial lamp that brings a dignified aura of warmth and light to the memorial site. A flickering bulb casts a perpetual , candle like glow within an attractive yet durable lantern setting, night and day, all year long, using the sun's rays for power.

Widely used in cemeteries in Israel and throughout the Jewish world, The Living Candle is halachically acceptable and cerified by Rav Yoram Abargel, Shalita, of Netivot, Israel. The Living Candle requires no assembly, electrical wiring or complicated installation. A small solar panel powers two rechargeable, easily replaceable, AA batteries for years of reliable service. ONE YEAR WARRANTY

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